Halloween In Spain

Halloween In Spain
24 Oct

The end of October approaches and for many children and their families this means one thing, Halloween, time to dress up as creatures, zombies, witches, ghosts or your favourite character, call round to your neighbours for trick or treating or go to a fun party.

Spain however isn´t the biggest on our idea of Halloween celebrations, but it is gradually changing, albeit slowly, as it is believed the tradition we carry out only started here 5 to 10 years ago. Costumes tend to be limited to only scary, ghosts, witches and vampires, trick or treating doesn't really happen here and you will find it hard to find anyone over the age of 12 dressed up, unless they are at university and looking for a party!

However, what Spain does celebrate is Dia de Todos Las Santas or All Saints Day, celebrated on 1st November .It is tradition in Spain that many of the people are named after a saint.This is something that happens in many Catholic countries.In Spain, people are like the queen, they have two birthdays, their birth day and their saint day, in honour of the saint they were named after.

All Saints Day is a public holiday, so no work or school.It is a day for families and friends to visit the graves of their loved ones who have died.In many towns and villages throughout Spain, streets are busy with people and cars visiting cemeteries.It is a good business time for Florists as they sell roughly 20% of their yearly sells for this day, selling bouquets and flower arrangements.Bakeries also are busy with orders for special pastries, such as Huesa de Santas (Saint Bones), a pastry made of marzipan, egg and sugar syrup.

On All Saints Day, everyone is honoured, saints and those who have passed, so chances are you may see a more saddened side of the Spanish people, balancing the modern festivities of 31st October (Halloween), and remembering both their Saints and their loved ones.

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